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Robert Nance


Maestro Robert Nance is the quintessential conductor. He is a seasoned performer, keyboardist, and conductor, a magna cum laude graduate of DePauw University School of Music (Greencastle, Indiana) with a Bachelor of Music degree in keyboard performance, and the Peabody Conservatory of Music (Baltimore, Maryland) with a Master of Music degree in conducting. Nance learned early in his professional career to appreciate and understand the particular nature of the performers under his direction. Whether instrumental or vocal ensemble, he is acutely aware of the requirements each performer must meet to perform their role in the ensemble, and thus excels as a conductor who is capable of collegially achieving the highest performance standards.

Maestro Nance is a professional musician and businessman who brings years of experience to bear in his work as a concert artist, conductor, chief executive of non-profit arts organizations, music teacher, and more. If you are seeking a clinician, concert artist (conductor or keyboardist), or music consultant, contact


Maestro Nance brings sensitivity and skill to bear as an accomplished soloist and accompanist. He has a Bachelor of Music degree in keyboard performance from DePauw University School of Music (Greencastle, Indiana) and a Master of Music degree from the Peabody Conservatory of Music (Baltimore, Maryland) where as a graduate assistant he served as principal accompanist and vocal coach for the opera department.

He maintains an active performance schedule, playing piano and/or organ every week for worship at Plymouth Congregational Church, regularly at services for Temple Achduth Vesholom, and regularly in concert performances and special events throughout the region.

“…Robert Nance is a jewel of the Fort Wayne community. Whether directing a choir, conducting an orchestra, playing the keyboard, or accompanying a guest artist or student, he strives for excellence. The ministry of Plymouth Congregational Church is enriched by his musicianship and blessed by his spirit.”  – Rev. John Pugh Gardner, Senior Minister (retired) 


Robert Nance is first and foremost a teacher – a maestro in the truest sense of the word. Whether he is serving as a conductor, an accompanist, a vocal coach, a clinician, or a consultant, he is always teaching and learning. In his studio, he guides professionals and amateurs alike to improve their skills, both pedagogical and musical. With a positive attitude and a disciplined approach, expectations are established, goals are set, and results are nurtured.

All of his students learn not only about music but also about themselves, and the maestro eagerly learns from them. Challenges are overcome through experience and determination, along with a good dose of laughter and patience. Growth is assured, measured by setting goals and the watchful eyes and ears of the maestro.

Along the way, Maestro Nance demonstrates the hallmarks of great artistry: honesty, determination, kindness, and belief that music enhances life in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways.


One of Maestro Nance’s most gratifying pursuits is the art of composing and arranging. His music has been performed by groups local and national, including his setting of Psalm 23 which was performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

He enjoys songwriting, has written several hymns, is the author of Fort Wayne’s Bicentennial Hymn, and his setting of Charles Savage’s poem about the Holocaust “Let us Remember” is among the many works maintained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

He is currently working on building a repertoire of carols for Heartland Sings’ annual Spirit of Christmas concerts for which he has so far premiered 5 carols.

Arts Advocate

Maestro Nance has devoted most of his professional career to the creative process as an artist, performer, teacher, spiritual leader, arts advocate, and entrepreneur.

One of the most rewarding for him today is advocating for career artists who make our community culturally unique and economically viable by attracting businesses, and the creative class, and encouraging investment in the community; 2) using my entrepreneurial skills to create new opportunities for growing the arts industry, balancing earned income and philanthropy and building solid relationships with clients and donors; and 3) to align myself and my clients with colleagues who are more creative, intelligent and passionate than am I. This has helped me stay grounded, less ego-centric (humble), and ever learning new things.


Maestro Nance is a 32-year veteran of the arts scene in northeast Indiana. He is a strong advocate for the arts and works tirelessly to promote community support for career artists. He is known nationally for his work as an entrepreneurial musician and performing artist. He has served on many local, regional, and national panels for the arts, including as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts. He is often called upon to consult with artists, non-profit boards, and leadership teams to help with organizational effectiveness, communication, and efficiency, as well as designing strategic plans that help organizations sustain careers for artists in their communities.

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